Friday, 27 October 2017


The first episode in the return of The Wastelands Radio show is coming soon. It could take a month to record, or it maybe released sooner, but I also run the Ancient Visionz site/shows when I'm not pretending to be The Waste Wanderer.

Atm I'm planning to release The Wastelands as a podcast, and live shows could be a possible option again. The show runs as a story/regular radio show both on and off air. Don't worry, I won't be reading out a whole book, just expect some skits, and 3 short story piece during each episode. For example, intro, middle, and outro, but I repeat, short kinda stuff, not whole books. I've already posted a 5 part prelude and a diy poem, which should serve as an introduction into the world of The Wastelands. 

The next installments of the story shall be narrated (poorly lol) on air, and also posted on the site. I'm mixing in the usual silly humour I've always done on any show I've hosted. We need to keep some giggles flowing.

The Wastelands is diy, I hold no budget, nor can afford professional voice actors, narrators, and so on. I've reached out to a few friends from various scenes to help, but I'm attempting to do something different that also can be interesting and fun!

In the meantime, please feel free to check Ancient Visionz for the latest in what I'm doing. 

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